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We are entering a new generation, one that is becoming aware of the many health benefits of tea, especially green tea. We are discovering that tea in its natural state is rich in antioxidants and can assist in the prevention of many medical conditions, aid digestion and enhance weight loss. At Generation Tea we specialize in fine Chinese white teas and jasmine weight loss. The leaves are processed naturally with no additives or preservatives. The procedures used in the production are centuries old and done mainly by hand. Each pu-erh tea has unique characteristics and flavor, similar to fine wine. The health benefits and rich flavors make it easy to become a regular pu-erh tea drinker. Even the finest teas are an economical alternative to costly supplements. Green Diet Tea is the perfect beverage for our generation. Rosebud Herbal Tea, This "tea" is simply the buds of the miniature rose plant and tastes exactly as it smells. Rosebuds are a rare treat that satisfies the heart. Baihao Yinzhen (White Down Silver Needle Tea), This special tea is high in antioxidants and consists totally of young buds that are covered with white down. A complex and subtle light taste. Wenshan Baozhong These lightly fermented deep green leaves brew a balanced cup with a floral taste that is sweet and memorable.Ali-San, This Formosa oolong consists of purple-green, rolled leaves that have sweet tones while still offering a full bodied brew. Gongju Herbal Tea, This favorite is caffeine-free and smooth tasting. These whole flowers are known for their soothing and relaxing attributes. Royal Loose Leaf, puerh. A step up from Loose Leaf pu-erh, this aged tea offers the finest, richest flavor. White teas can really be classified as a subgroup of green teas, but have recently gained a status of their own because of their high antioxidant content. White tea is a particular strain of tea plant that is known to originate in the Fujian province. It is now planted in other parts of China making it more available. White teas are not fermented. The leaves are steamed shortly after picking antique yixing teapot. Organic green tea is left close to its natural state and offers a great choice for anyone seeking tea's antioxidant benefits. The leaves of our Baihao Yinzhen consist of young shoots that were picked before they opened. It has a white downy covering and produces a light aroma when brewed. Yellow teas are processed slightly differently than chinese white tea. Unlike white tea, which is dried fast, yellow teas are dried more slowly, producing a yellow-orange beverage that is extremely fragrant.



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We began as dedicated drinkers of fine Chinese teas. As we drank the teas with our friends we saw that they too shared our enthusiasm for this beverage. We wondered how many more people had yet to discover the enjoyment of premium tea. We knew that there were many people who would love some good tea, and that began Generation Tea. At Generation Tea we offer you premium Chinese pu-erh teas and gourmet kosher. We utilize our resources, experience and knowledge to provide you with quality tea at competitive prices. We believe that tea is perfect just the way it is. Our teas contain no additives or preservatives. We specialize in teas from China. Each region produces different varieties of black tea, each with its own distinct attributes. Our tea producers take pride in the aesthetics of each tea and carefully hand process the teas making each one look as special and unique as it tastes. As you discover all the nuances of tastes in these teas, it is easy to understand how Chinese teas are a world unto themselves. Oolong tea is a variety of semi-fermented organic(oxidized) tea that is known for its intense and flowery qualities. Oolongs range from bright green and slightly fermented to dark-leafed and hearty. The greener varieties are less fermented and one can see the slight withering and browning of the edges where the leaves were allowed to oxidize. These edges are bruised through shaking to assist the process of oxidation. The tea is then dried fully, locking in the rich flavors that oolong tea is known to offer. Wholesale oolong's unique drying process creates a tea that has many metabolic stimulating attributes and can be used for weight management in addition to a well balanced diet. Herbal teas offer the tea drinker caffeine free alternatives. We are happy to offer this complement to our other natural teas plus you can buy tea online. Currently, we are offering Rosebud and Chrysanthemum herbal teas. The Rosebud is a favorite that is truly soothing and comforting. In China it is known as a woman's herbal benefits but it is also useful for aiding digestion. Even a hardcore tea drinker will surely enjoy the flowery freshness of these miniature rosebuds. The Chrysanthemum has a unique flavor. It is used to cool the body and reduce fever. Herbals are great beverages to have at night when you might not want caffeine. Our kids love the Rosebud tea. We are proud to offer these caffeine free treats for our customers that enjoy quality herbals.


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