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Yixing teapots have a history dating back to the 1500ís. There are many famous potters and artists over the centuries. The styles and motifs of teapots have changed and transformed from the Ming to the Qing Dynasty to the contemporary teapot, but simplicity still rules. One looks for artistic lines and high quality clay in a good teapot.
Black Pumpkin Teapot
Black Pumpkin Teapot
Made with two colors of clay, this pot is from the Early Republic Period from 1911-1948. The inscriptions seem to pop out of the clay. There is also a scene of birds on one side of the pot. Made in one of the early factories as the interest for Yixing pottery grew in the 1900's. Larger pot holding 450 ml.
Brimmed Edge Teapot
Brimmed Edge Teapot
This attractive pot feels very nice and the lid is very special. The period of this teapot is early 1900's when this stlye was popular. Two chops, unknown artist.
Dragon Wood Teapot
Dragon Wood Teapot
This old pattern has been made by many potters. It shows a dragon on each side along a grainy rough surface and a tree like handle. Early Republic Period 1900-1920. Shows much use. Holds 12 oz.
Fire Water Square Teapot
Fire Water Square Teapot
This square teapot has the motif of fire and water. Qing Dynasty Guang pot shows a wave at the base and fire on the lid. Holds 500 ml and is circa 1878. Seals at bottom of pot and lid.
Hui Mengchen Family Large Pot
Hui Mengchen Family Large Pot
This jumbo teapot has nice impressed detail and is made from a deep red clay. The Hui Mengchen family continued to make teapots though the 1900's. This example has an impressed chop on the bottom and is circa 1800-1850.
Jade Shi Shi Insence Burner
Jade Shi Shi Insence Burner
This Stone Jade Insence burner is well carver with nice detail and is quite heavy. A Beautiful piece. Circa 1900, maybe much earlier.
Lion Head Export Teapot
Lion Head Export Teapot
This pot was made to be exported in the Dao Guang Period (1822-1850). The paste (clay) is an interesting two tone mixture of light purple and greyish clay. This pot was never used and said to be found at an old kiln sight. This pot was quite desired when it was made (and now). Larger size holding more than 500 ml also shows its export status. Not many survived in this perfect condition. A real beauty. Seals on the bottom of the pot show a simple flower pattern and Yixing, China.
14 oz
Round Teapot
Round Teapot
This small teapot dates from the Dao Guang Period and exhibits a pear skin texture. The chop is difficult to read (Tao Yi), but this pot is very special. The clay is an off white to red color of light purple paste. 14 x 9 x 10 cm and holds 220 ml.
5 oz
Six Sided Teapot
Six Sided Teapot
Made in the Guang Xu Period if the Qing Dynasty, this is a heavily potted example of a curved hexagon. There is simple writing inscribed on the pot and a gentle scene on the other side. A larger pot holding 12 oz., this is someone's old everyday teapot. Maybe it will be yours, too.
Square Teapot
Square Teapot
This square Kai Guang teapot was used for special ceremonies. There are seals on the bottom of pot and the lid. It holds 500 ml and is circa 1878.
Stickflower Teapot
Stickflower Teapot
This brown teapot exhibits the stick clay technique with a flower design. There are raised flowers on this pot and a seal on the bottom. Large pot holds 550 ml and is also circa 1878 from Qing dynasty.

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